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After 20 years of corporate America, we were ready for a change and looking for a simpler life.  In 2013 we purchased 13 acres in the heart of Virginia’s wine, brewery & distillery region.  We took our combined business knowledge and experience and started our Alpaca farm.  We started with 6 award winning Alpacas and are consistently adding to our herd.  The primary focus of our farm is on the breeding & quality fiber production of our Alpaca's. We plan to improve our herd by focusing on optimal nutrition, overall herd health, and breeding’s that will result in genetic improvement in each successive generation.  However, it is also home to rescue dogs, chickens, ducks, cats, pigs, mini donkey’s & Dingle, our goat.

Be fair, be honest, and create value with high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our Philosophy

We encourage visitors of all ages to visit our farm and interact with all of our animals.  We have been captivated by the unique charm of our alpacas and encourage all interested parties to investigate this lifestyle. Many alpaca owners and breeders have been generous in giving us the benefit of their wisdom and experience, and we look forward to continuing that tradition here at our farm.  Whether you are considering raising Alpacas, or just want to visit the farm, we welcome the opportunity to educate you about our animals and the many uses and products made from Alpaca fiber.  You can shop our farm boutique below to knit your own unique Alpaca product from our yarn or purchase one of our many finished goods, all made from our herds fiber. 

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