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  • When are you open to the public?
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  • Are there any discounts or passes available for nonprofits?
    Absolutely! All 501(c)3 organizations are welcome to come visit our farm for free. We offer many accommodations for people of all abilities. Contact us at about scheduling your visit.
  • Can I take pictures or videos of or with the animals?
    Yes! They think their look is very Instagram-worthy, no filter needed.
  • Can I feed the animals?
    Absolutely, but please do not bring your own food. We will provide high-quality food for you.
  • Can I pet the animals?
    Yes. Our animals are very friendly and curious!
  • Can I bring a stroller/wheelchair?
    Absolutely. Most of our areas are grass pastures. You can, however, take strollers and wheelchairs into the pastures, although it will be harder to maneuver them. If you need assistance, please let us know. We can always bring the animals to you!
  • Do the alpacas bite or spit?
    Our alpacas are very gentle. Alpacas don’t have front teeth, so they don’t bite. They can spit if they feel threatened or irritated, but they generally only spit at each other.
  • Can alpacas talk?
    Not exactly, but they love to hum. Alpacas can hum for a variety of reasons, such as being happy, curious, content, bored or threatened. Once one alpaca begins to hum, there is often a humming alpaca chorus that soon follows.
  • What is the difference between an alpaca and a llama?
    Alpacas and llamas are both members of the camelid family. Llamas are usually about twice the size of alpacas weighing 250 to 450 lbs., while an alpaca typically weighs 100 to 200 lbs. Llamas are primarily used for packing or guarding herds of alpacas or sheep, while alpacas are primarily used for their luxurious fiber.
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